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Square Base Mounted Adjustable Tilt Lock Mini Post

  • Made of duplex 2205 low carbon ultra marine grade stainless steel, allowing for superior corrosion resistance as well as more than double the yield strength and 20% more tensile strength than 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Highly suitable for use in outdoor structures with high degree of corrosion due to chlorine and/or sulphur dioxide load; high humidity; accumulation of harmful substances (e.g., coastal regions and swimming pool environments).
  • Suitable for 12-17.52mm glass.
  • Allows for glass to be tilted 2° backward or forward.
  • All adjustments can be achieved from one side.
  • Pressure plate model.
  • Slotted base plate holes.
  • Cover plate included.
  • Fully engineered for the National Building Code of Canada.
  • Tested up to 3 kN.
  • Canadian patent application no. 2,962,407.
  • U.S. patent application no. 15/024,903.
  • New Zealand patent no. 700501.
  • European, UK, Australian, Chinese patents pending.


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