Elite Glass Solutions has recently partnered with European based company, Saheco and is proud to offer a range of internal sliding systems with various aesthetic styles and features to suit all tastes.

The Saheco SV-X Sliding Door System provides a compact sliding solution that conceals all mechanisms inside the top track, resulting in an attractive and sleek design with no visible clamps or rollers. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, this system is able to handle panels up to 150kg in weight. 

With a variety of track mounting options and a range of high-quality finishes including satin anodised, brushed stainless and black anodised aluminium, the SV-X provides a solution for any design requirement. The running track can be simply mounted to the ceiling or wall, or recessed into the ceiling to completely conceal the track, providing a seamless look. Fixed panels can also be added to any track option to provide static glass panels on either side of the sliding door.  

With three weight options, the most suitable system can be selected to suit the particular application, opening size or glass thickness. 

  • SV-X70 is suitable for doors up to 70kg in weight in 8 or 10mm glass
  • SV-X110 is suitable for doors up to 110kg in weight in 10, 12 or 14mm glass
  • SV-X150 is suitable for up to 150kg in weight in 10, 12 or 14mm glass

The SV-X offers a variety of braking systems from a simple rubber stopper and retainer to the latest soft closing technology in the form of the new Softpro system, an exceptional solution for a smooth and quiet closing action. 

The Saheco SV-X is European designed and manufactured to the highest quality, and successfully tested to 100,000 cycles in accordance with EN 1527/EN 1670. 

Saheco are leaders in design and manufacturing of high-quality sliding systems for all types of applications. Their systems focus on allowing optimal use of space, with a wide range of systems adaptable to any architectural setting. 

Elite Glass Solutions are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Saheco in Australia and New Zealand.