1850 (900-1000) Polished Silver


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1850 Front Only Shower (900-1000)


At last we have been able to produce a shower screen that
will meet all the requirements of the most discerning buyer.
The Elite 2000 screen will do just that. This semi-frameless
screen has a pivot door with chrome plated pivot hinges all
designed to be aesthetically pleasing. This screen also has a
telescopic head and a bottom rail for easy fitting. Once you
have seen the ELITE 2000 you will definitely agree that this is
the ultimate design.

The “Elite 2000” is available in a range of
configurations and sizes, it offers many
practical features.
Water Seal
The Elite 2000 shower screen keeps water
inside the shower where it belongs in a
number of innovative ways:
The door glass overlaps the side panel
glass by between 30mm and 100mm.
A water seal at the base of the door
minimizes leakage.
The slim elegant magnet on the door
ensures a strong, positive closure.
Low Maintenance
Maintenance is minimal with the pivot
hinge being the only moving part.
Rounded frame profiles and large glass
areas make the shower easy to keep
All stainless steel screws to prevent
The Elite 2000 shower screen is glazed
with a 6mm door and a 5mm infill of
toughened glass which meets Australian

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